Hollywood is full of glitz and glamour…
sometimes the shine can be blinding.
“This is a story that pulled my heartstrings as I felt as if I’m watching my own love story.” – Long and Short Reviews.
“This one will pull on the heartstrings from the first chapter onwards. Loved it from start to finish with how the story and romance unfolded from friendship to something more.” – Reading Nook.


Jenn Lesley isn’t finding the man of her dreams, so a friends-with-benefits situation suits her just fine in the meantime. But it’s Walker who’s there when her new perfect man isn’t so perfect.

Walker Booth knows that he and Jenn have simply hooked up, not fallen in love or anything like that. So why do his paintings start to bear her face?

When fate throws them a curve, Jenn may be too busy trying to right the trouble of her past to see that Walker is full of surprises.



Brandon and Marco were always inseparable, so when Bree married Brandon, she wasn’t surprised that Marco DeLuca was now part of her family. But the police at her doorstep can’t be bringing good news. Though Bree supposedly has all the tools she needs—Brandon’s life insurance policy and the support of family and friends—and Marco has been through this before, there is no real skill set for loss and no death is ever easy.

As Bree and Marco navigate the troubled waters of losing Brandon, they realize they’ve had each other all along, and that maybe becoming more to each other isn’t wrong.



Zoe Leland has an apartment in Hollywood and a full tuition scholarship to UCLA. Chemical engineering is her ticket out of the crazy house she grew up in. Her mother taught her to marry well, but Zoe has other ideas. Still, a little partying is fine, she is in Hollywood after all.
If she becomes friends with rising star Noah Preston what’s the harm in that? When things between them turn into something more, Zoe is torn between her own dreams and his. She’s caught up in a life where she doesn’t fit and her goals don’t have a place in Noah’s world.
They’ll have to learn to belong in each other’s worlds if they want to belong to each other.





Jessica Valverde worked her way up from a bad neighborhood—she’s now a detective with the Hollywood PD and on her way to captain. Everything is going as planned. Except her partners keep leaving for other jobs and the husband and 2.4 kids never materialized.
She’s become the “single woman” in the “tough job.” And pretty much every day she has to turn down offers from uniformed cop and hopeless flirt Alex Copeland. He’s got the looks to be an actor and the strut for it, too. It just takes a dangerous moment on the street to learn that Alex is more than the playboy he appears to be. But he’s younger than Jessica, he’s lower ranked than she is, and getting involved with him could cost her everything.



 Love Found Us Book Set


The Love Found Us Series
Love never sends what you expected.