Events in Sept and Oct 2018

Every year I get a booth at the Southern Festival of Books. But this year a little something extra came up!

At our February RWA (Romance Writers of America) retreat for our Nashville Chapter, four of us decided we were the four writers of the Apocalypse. I’m not sure why… there wasn’t alcohol until later. Needless to say, I’m Plague. But we got a booth (As The Four Writers of The Apocalypse) at Pagan Pride Day in Nashville.

It’s coming up this Saturday and here’s a lot more info if you want to come out! HERE

I suspect this one will be a party 🙂

Also, all the Griffyn Ink authors will be out at Southern Festival of Books Oct 12-14th (Fri-Sun.) More information HERE

In both places we’ll have books, prizes, and all kinds of fun. Come out and say hello!

A puppy-dog birthday!  Our “little” ones turn one year old!

Birthday this week. They are pushing 50+lbs each (which is incredible considering they started at smaller than 1.5lbs each! — see the Day 1 pic at the end)

They have learned to sit, stay, come, go, (mostly) lay down, “go to bed” (into their crate), not jump on people, and wait for a treat in front of their face or on the ground until they are told “okay” to eat it. They are such good puppies and love to play with their older brothers. They have free run of a 1.5 acre yard during the day, and lots of wildlife to interact with. *For whatever reason, the deer really like these two! We have gotten within touching distance of a wild deer when we have these guys on leash. It’s amazing.*

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Danger (lighter brown brindle) and Discord (darker brown brindle)!!!

**If you want to see more about when they first arrived, go to the MORE FUN page HERE

#1 Birthday Party w/ treats,  #2 playing w big brother Mayhem at about 4 mos,  #3 In “Thunderdome” play area at about 3 mos,  #4 Day One, after an exhausting bath, 4wks old.

Just got back from a cruise…. We hit Nassau, Costa Maya, Roatan, & Cozumel

The whole family went, including my dad. We started in Florida at Everglades holiday park and saw the gators and did the airboat tour. On board the cruise ship, Dad stayed in with the kids (16&18) and they mostly had free run. We hit up a standard tourist run of Nassau and got rum cakes (who can resist?) We drank locally distilled rum shots and (of course) then got ourselves a frozen rum lemonade. And there was locally made chocolate, too. Even the canned cokes are made with sugar there. And we had to visit and climb the famous Queen’s Staircase.

Next we went to Cozumel and got a private tour of the ruins at Tulum. It’s crazy busy  for the fact that it’s a legit archeological site. But it was fastinating…. and peppered with HUGE iguanas everywhere.

We went diving in Roatan. And got stung by hydras–ugh. But on the beach I got a margarita and met a monkey. So that was awesome.

In Costa Maya we laid low and played touristas! Had a great trip! Back at home and working on the next series for you 🙂

Much love, ~~Savannah~~

♥ Great short love story. Worth the whole five minutes!!! ♥

Your brain on puppies! because, PUPPIES!

Hope you sleep well tonight. Let Josh read to you . . .

Firefighters and rescue puppies. They do a calendar every year. You’re welcome.

Why adoption matters . . .




Welcome to all the new Savannah fans, and thank you to everyone who came out.

Details HERE:

I’ll be there with a handful of other authors. Between us we’ll have four exclusive books that you can’t get anywhere else. We’ll be autographing books and kindle covers. So come on down. Tent #23

There will be readings, play areas for the kiddos. You can bring your dogs (on leash), there will be food trucks, and of course SO MANY BOOKS!