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Norah Davidson always had it all figured out.
When she became pregnant as a teenager, she married her true love young and they made it work. When her young son and husband were killed by a drunk driver, she threw herself into her job, becoming one of the lead performers at the Houston Ballet. But when her career as a dancer is over and she moves home with her father, nothing is what she expected – not her dance school, not her father, and certainly not TJ.

TJ Hewlitt always figured he didn’t need a plan at all.
He’s the frontman for the chart-topping band Wilder, and he can have and do whatever he wants. He doesn’t know his bandmates are worried about his wild behavior. And one night, one too many put him in the hospital with a nearly severed spinal cord that he might not recover from.

TJ’s world has been turned upside down. He can’t walk, can’t sing, and then there’s Norah . . . a girl from his past with a past of her own. Can they open up enough to find what they both want?



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“Savannah Kade rocks the emotion in this hard won love story!”

“This series just keeps getting better and better!”

“I adored TJ, had sympathy for TJ, wanted him to look at me the way he looks at Norah.”