Craig Hibbets has decided that the only advantage to attending a wedding solo is the opportunity to snag a bridesmaid. So when he finds Shay Leland in the requisite yellow dress, wading in the surf, he offers her a no-strings-attached night . . . which turns into three days.

Shay’s everyday life is hanging-by-a-thread, and her fling with Craig was simply a vacation that she desperately needed. Her two young sons need her. The divas she designs costumes for are constantly needing her time. And she’s also dealing with not one, but two, weekend fathers for her boys. Sadly, neither man is very good at it. Most days she feels she’s keeping it all together with duct tape and hope. So she’s beyond surprised when her doorbell rings months later and there stands Craig.

Though they both miss what they had during their weekend fling, real life isn’t the fairy tale they knew. Shay has responsibilities and Craig has secrets and somehow he seems to think she’s a misplaced angel—which couldn’t be further from the truth. If they’re going to make it work, they’ll have to forgive themselves for their pasts. Can two fallen hearts find each other and make a new future?


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“I read it straight through. Who needs sleep?”

“This is a real, raw, gritty romance that’ll get you in ALL the feels!”

“Her books are so much more than just the romance—the characters really have to work hard–not just with each other but on themselves, too.”