The Touch of Magick


The TOUCH OF MAGICK series is now available on all e-readers.

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tom-wishcraft-hi-resDelilah has spent the past year doing what she does best: casting simple spells and trying to get over a heartbreaking betrayal. In doing so, she’s become a not-so-good witch. Picking up men and making them forget her is easier than getting involved.

Brandon can’t remember anything after he left the bar. He only has a foggy memory of a blond and a craving for pumpkin muffins. When he finally figures out what happened that night, he realizes he has to find the woman and break the spell on him. He’s after Delilah, even if he doesn’t know quite what for.

But Delilah isn’t fast enough and Brandon knows he’s been had. Still, two can play that game! But can he play without losing his heart?

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tom-dreamwalker-hi-resYasmn has been in love with Tristan Goodman since she began working in his family’s magicks store in Hollywood. She knows love spells are bad news, but figures it’s okay–just this once.

When the spell lands her in the middle of a gang war, Detective Luke Salzone can’t believe what he saw. Yasmin should have been hit by one of those bullets, but she only seems to have a suspicious bruise in the center of her palm.

Suddenly Yasmin finds it isn’t Tristan walking her dreams at night, it’s Luke . . . and maybe he has some magick of his own.

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tom-lovespelled-hi-resThe thoughts and voices that she hears have left Megan an outcast from her own family, her friends, even society. Knowing what other people think isn’t anything she wants to live with, and if Tristan won’t help, then she’ll have to help herself.

Tristan is convinced he needs to be the loudest voice Megan hears. But how do you seduce a woman who can hear your every thought from miles away?

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