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Welcome to Truly, Madly, Deeply!

~ Sexy, emotional, often funny, always messy, true love romance ~

I believe in characters with human flaws, odd quirks, and everything that2013-10-30 15-31-46.502 makes them wonderful, too. That way, when you read, you can fall madly in love right alongside them. Falling in love is a journey, whether it happens in an instant or even over years. True love is often messy, and sometimes you have to fall on your ass to find the right person standing there to help you up!

About me:

I’m a sucker for a rescue animal, and you’ll find rescued kids and creatures all throughout my books! In my house we have dogs, a cat, and  five geckos (apparently there’s such a thing as a ‘rescue gecko’!) And two kids and a husband.

I’m a science nerd even though my characters aren’t (maybe someday.) I found the stars in my backyard when I moved to Tennessee and suddenly understood why they were so important to sailors and ancient religions–they’re amazing. There’s a gentleman’s cow herd in the field behind my home. It’s not a big stinky processing farm, just about a hundred cows milling beyond my window. Occasionally one comes into my yard. I have a slight Southern accent that deepens with anger or alcohol or when I have to talk a cow back across the barbed wire fence. I watch out the window as cows, deer, coyote and more pass by while I write . . .

So come join me!

~~Savannah Kade~~

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Books I love:


Carolina Moon – Nora Roberts  Nora Roberts

One of her best, this one has intrigue, mystery, and fully believable paranormal elements. It also has a heroine in search of answers to her past and an unshakable hero.



Mr. Perfect – Linda Howard   Linda Howard

A murder mystery extraordinaire, with an unlikely villain. Jaine–our lead–finds love in an unusual place. I love that the hero is complicated and it takes a little while to figure him out.



Oakland Hills Series – Gretchen Galway  Gretchen Galway

Imperfect women and imperfect men who come together to find real love. She writes excellent stories showing what you need isn’t always what you expected. This one’s on my TBR. I’ve read the others.



Boston Fire Series – Shannon Stacey  Shannon Stacy

Stacey delivers believability with serious heat behind it. Not just because the men are firefighters. The series handles all this interwoven with wonderful elements of family, work, and life.


Welcome to the Savannah-verse!

I always have fun linking my books together. And the other day I was talking about it and my reader said, “That was her!” Yes, that was. So here’s the set up and a few extra links at the end . . .



JD and TJ are brothers, that’s probably pretty obvious.

Shay (from Heartstrings) is the older sister of Zoe (who gets her own story in Shooting Star from the Hollywood Nights series.)

Shay and Zoe are also cousins to Ever Halifax. You’ll get her story in the next series, set in the small town of Breathless, Georgia.

Alex (from Hollywood Ending) is also the brother of Jane Copeland, who will also show up in the future series Breathless.

There’s one character who has managed to hit all three series. If you guessed Jessica Valverde, you’re right! she was the detective who worked with Craig in Heartstrings from the Wilder Books. She also was Luke Salzone’s partner in DreamWalker from the Touch of Magick series. And she finally gets her own story in Hollywood Ending from the Hollywood Nights series. Her story releases on November 16th of this year.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new series, BREATHLESS, starting in 2018!