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Your brain on puppies! because, PUPPIES!

Hope you sleep well tonight. Let Josh read to you . . .

Firefighters and rescue puppies. They do a calendar every year. You’re welcome.

Why adoption matters . . .




Welcome to all the new Savannah fans, and thank you to everyone who came out.

Details HERE:

I’ll be there with a handful of other authors. Between us we’ll have four exclusive books that you can’t get anywhere else. We’ll be autographing books and kindle covers. So come on down. Tent #23

There will be readings, play areas for the kiddos. You can bring your dogs (on leash), there will be food trucks, and of course SO MANY BOOKS!

A Tale of Two Puppies . . .

Almost four weeks ago we brought home our first puppies that were not specifically rescue dogs. In the past, we’d always adopted from shelters, and our big boys were rescued from a litter of 13(!) found on the side of the road in Nashville just after birth. But we got them at 8 weeks. Here are pics of big brothers Mayhem (on the left) and Travesty now . . .

It’s hard to get a good picture of them, as they are pretty much always in motion. So almost a month ago, we got some puppies off of Craigslist. We did it because it seemed they were in dire straights. The dogs had produced a litter of 13(somehow we got 2 out of 13 again!) and, despite their young age, the family was not able to continue caring for them. My children picked the runts of the litter. Looking back, it’s hard to say they weren’t rescues. The puppies were living under the house. At 4wks old and barely 1.5 lbs each, their ribs showed. They had parasites, and they were covered in fleas. We took them home and washed them! Here are the early pics:

We bottle fed them round the clock. They started eating real food. And we weighed them in! They learned to play . . .

I’m sorry for the blur on some of these. I don’t have the best camera on my phone and these guys are ALWAYS in motion like their big brothers! They upgraded to a crate. Learned to climb steps and are now almost 7lbs each.

My kids got into the playyard with the puppies! The kids named the play area “ThunderDome” and they like to chant, “Two puppies enter . . . two puppies leave, tired.”

So here they are, about to be 8 weeks old! The more caramel colored one is our little girl, Danger, and the more dark chocolate one is her brother, Discord.